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Turkish Van Cat

Posted On July - 18 - 2011

The Turkish Van cat is originaly from the south and central Asia and it is a very rare breed. A region on which now lies Iraq, the east of turkey and the south of the Soviet Union. This breed was first brounght to England in the 50s under the name of Turkish, name which was later revised because there was a chance of confusion between it and the Turkish Angora.

The cat arrived to the United States of America in the 80s. In their origin area they are considered a natural treasure which is why it is very hard to get one. They are also very rare even in the area where they were born.

The breed was brought to Europe during the crusades from the Middle East. Over the ears they have been called in different ways, here are some of the names: the Russian long hair and the white ring tail. Many people think that the Turkish Van is just a color variation form the Turkish Angora when in fact it is a totally different breed. They come from a different region than the Turkish angora, they have different: size, appearance and body structure.

The fur of the Turkish Van is special because it is waterproof, it has the texture of chasmire. The color of the fur is special only on the head and tail.

They need a large amount of time to reach maturity, sometimes even five years. They do not require much grooming because they do not shed excessively. What you do need to do is take it to the vet when you first buy it and on a regular basis in order to have all its shots done. You must feed it quality food in order to keep its fur look shinny.

They love to be around people and they go along very well with children. They love water so if you have a swimming pool you will make this cat happy, it their country they were also called the swimming cats. They are very curious and intelligent which makes them funny at times.

If you have one you should take care of it properly because they are very rare. The Turkish Van is a very expensive cat and the price varies according to the size of the cat, their markings and their bloodline. It goes along well with children and other pets so you do not have to worry about this.

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