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Turkish Angora Cat

Posted On December - 15 - 2013

The Turkish Angora cat is a very old breed in Turkey, it has been present on this land for more than 1400 years. Some popular stories tell us that even Mohammed had such a cat as a pet. They were known then and they are still known today for their intelligence, beauty and grace. They have kept all this characteristics over the years through careful breeding.

The name of the cat comes from the Turkish city Angora which is now called Ankara. Writing about the Angora cat started to appear in the 1400s the same period when they were brought to Europe. They were first brought to America in the 60s and they started to appear in cat shows ten years later.

The fur
The fur is one of the distinguishing characteristics of this breed. They do not have a double coat they have a single one with long and short hair. The Turkish Angora has a ruff of silky and long hairs around the neck just like the tail. The fur on the legs is called britches. The fur does not tangle as much as it does at the Persian cat and it is not as thicker either. To sum up, long hair is present only on the legs, around the neck and on the tail.

The body
The Angora cat comes in different colors but the white one is preferred by all. The eyes are shaped like an almond and they come in gold, green, blue or copper color. The eras are v shaped and wide while the nose is long. When it comes to size males are a bit larger than the females, the male weighs up to 10 pounds while the female’s weight can reach up to 6 pounds. There are most recognized for their grace rather than their weight.

Their personality
If you want a lovable cat then you may want to reconsider because the Angora is very difficult, it gets angry very fast and it is moody. They are intelligent which means that they can learn very fast different tricks. They are active cats which means that you cannot live them alone in the house all they. Once they have established a special bond with their owners they become affectionate.

Unlike other cats the Angora likes to swim so do not panic if you find them swimming. They do not mind being around strangers because they like to be surrounded by humans.

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