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Tonkinese Cat

Posted On August - 26 - 2011

The Tonkines cat is not a pure breed it is a mixture between the Siamese cat and the Burmese cat. This cat appeared for the first time in the 60s. The cat is also called Tonks but the origin of its name lies in the musical ‘South Pacific’. In the musical the people who are called Tonkans feel no discrimination because they are the result of a mixture. Unlike the Burmese the Tonkinese in more relaxed. Many people are under the opinion that it has the best qualities from both breeds.

They have a medium size frame with a tubular body and long legs. The paws are smaller than the rest of the body. Even thou they look skinny they are actually muscular and heavy. The head is wedged with pronounced cheekbones. The skull is a little bit deeper than wide. The eyes are shaped like almonds and come in an aqua blue color.

The color pattern of the Tonkines is called mink. The cat comes in solid color this coming from the Burmese genes and point colors coming from the Siamese genes. The most common colors of this cat are light tan and yellowed ivory.

As far as grooming is concerned you need to brush its coat at least one a week to eliminate dirt and prevent matting. You should take it to the vet as soon as you purchase it and also take it regularly to make sure it has all its shots done. Make sure you feed it quality food in order to prevent health issues and preserve the shinny look of the coat.

They are not active cats but they do play from time to time. You do not need to give it special attention all it needs is your presence. If you like the cat alone for too long it has a tendency to get in trouble. When you live it alone for long periods of time make sure that you leave it a lot of toys to play with.

The Tonkinese cat loves heights which is why it will always try to climb to the top of the highest object in the house. You should be aware that it has the bad habit to jump on your back. Put away any fragile objects that you have lying around the house.

Because of their cal nature they go along well with children. You should talk with the breeder before you buy it just to make sure that you know everything there is to know about this cat.

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