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The Life of a Newborn Kitten

Posted On July - 27 - 2011

When a kitten is born it is a very helpless creature. It can see, hear or even crawl and it is totally dependent of its mother. For the next few days after the kitten is born its universe consists of its brothers and sisters and it mother who feeds it and cleans it. If they are fed properly by their mother they will grow healthy and strong and they will not cry until they get a little bit older.

At birth the kitten weighs about 3 ounces but it will gain weight very fast. They can gain up to half an ounce per day during the first weeks of its life. In the first three days of its life the kitten will still have its ombilicat cord but it will drop after this period. During this first three days you will see it kicking their legs because its muscles and nervous system are developing. The kitten will start crawling at a week old and walking after three weeks.

The kitten’s eye sight and hearing will be completely developed in stages. After 14 days the eyes and ears will open but they will not be able to see clearly until it reaches five weeks and they will not hear until they reach the age of four weeks. At the beginning all cats have blue eyes but as they get older the color of the eyes will change into green unless the color of the eyes is supposed to be blue, like birmanese cats.

As far as feeding is concerned the kittens will eat milk from their mother every other hour. The milk of its mother will protect the kittens from illnesses until they can be vaccine. Thye will drink milk from their mother until they are three weeks. After this period they can start eating from a bowl but they will still depend on their mother milk until she refuses to feed them.

Till the kittens reach the age of three weeks they cannot urinate by themselves, they need the help of their mother. After each meal the cat will stimulate the kittens to urinate while she is cleaning them. They also depend on her to clean them and keep them worm. The reason why mothers do not leave the kittens alone for the first week of their lives is because they cannot regulate their body temperature on their own.


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