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Tabby Cats

Posted On August - 12 - 2011

The tabby cat is very often confused to being a breed. This thing could not be more untrue, the tabby cat is a description of specific colors of the coat. Wild cats are the ones which have a tabby pattern in most cases. The tabby patter is also present in mixed breeds. Examples of cats with tabby patter are the leopard and the tigers.

The tabby pattern does not consist just of some random colors it actually helps protect the cat against enemies. The tabby is used for camouflage, cats hide from their prey by hiding in grass or trees.

The colors which make the tabby patter are only two, they come in a light color and a darker one. The variations of the colors are many which is why a tabby cat can have a bunch of colors on each hair. The distinctive element of this pattern is the letter M placed on the cat’s forehead. Do not worry that you will not be able to notice the M because no matter the color of the fur you will see it.

The tabby cat besides color has also a classification. The classification includes: blotched tabby, ticked tabby, striped tabby and spotted tabby. The blotched tabby has a design and color on the fur resembling the marble. The ticked tabby does not look like a tabby at all, some do not even have the M mark on the forehead. The striped tabby consists of vertical stripes placed on all of the cat’s body. The spotted tabby the fur has spots all over its body.

The fur of a tabby comes in a lot of colors but the most common are: blue, red, black, chocolate and sand. The elements that you should be looking at when you want to identify a tabby cat are the tail and the cat’s stripes.

These are the main elements which make a tabby cat. It is very interesting that they are not considered a breed even thou they are often consider as being one. They are wonderful creatures and a joy to look at. Remember that the main characteristics of the tabby cat are the tail, the stripes placed on their fur from head to tail and the letter M placed on their forehead.

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