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Sphynx Cat

Posted On August - 4 - 2011

The Sphynx Cat is a very rare breed and it usually costs a lot to purchase one, more than you would pay for the other breeds. They look like they do not have hair but they actually do just that it is very thin and short. The coat comes in different pattern and every cat is unique because you cannot find breeds with the same type of pattern.The process of creating the Sphynx Cat began in the 60s when a mutation to a cat with very short hair made and the cat without hair appeared. That creation died out eventually and in the 70s hairless cats were found and cat breeders started to multiply them. Starting with the 80s the cat was recognized as a breed by cat lovers.

The normal Sphynx Cat is hairless but there have been found cats with a very short layer of hair. The hair on the cat resembles the one on the peach. It is not hypoallergenic but some may be even thou they do not have fur. Most people do not know but cat allergies do not come from the cat’s hair but from the protein the cat secrets through its skin and saliva. The skin of the cat has a pattern which mainly includes black spots. It also has wrinkles which are easily noticed due to the lack of fur. The Sphynx Cat is only different from the other breeds through its lack of hair, the other aspects such as size, weight and height are the same as the other breeds.

The Sphynx Cat is very sociable and is in constant need of attention from its owner. They are talkative when they want attention and automatically start purring once they get it. If you are not a pron which love to interact with its cat then you should not buy this breed because they need a great deal of attention.

The majority health issues that the Sphynx Cat has to confront are related to its skin. Because of the oil secreted by the cats on the skin they need to be bath once a week. Because they need this done so often they do not struggle with you when its bath time.

It is not a very common cat and needs a great deal of attention so if you are not willing to dedicate yourself to your cat from time to time then you should not buy this animal as a pet.\

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