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Somali Cat

Posted On July - 30 - 2011

The Somali breed cats are the versions of the long hair cats of Abyssinian breed. It appeared in America where a breeder with two individuals with long hair had the idea of growing them and multiply them. After obtaining the offspring, using a stringent selection of the desired character, this man managed to obtain the biological material that we have today.

The high attraction towards the Somali cat comes from its very soft, dense and motley coat. A single hair can take up to 12 pigmented rings compared with at least 4 of the Abyssinian breed. The Somali breed is characterized by a round head which narrows towards the free end, but it is not sharp as in other breeds. At the head, the ears can be seen located behind the skull, well-apart, wide at the base and moderately pointed. The relatively large eyes, almond-shaped, expressive and deep are decorated with black and are colored in green, gold and amber. Moreover, the body is well developed, slender, elegant and appropriately covered in muscles. The developed limbs, oval-shaped in section, are solid and firm. The tail is well set, long, thick at the base, thin at the tip and bushy. The cat has a dense hair, of medium length, fine and soft which gives the animal a particular pleasant look. In the neck the hair is more abundant forming the so-called ‘collar’, and at some individuals small tufts of hair are found on the ears. Besides, on the surface of the body there are two or three lanes of color contrasting with the cat’s coat. The colors are different and they delimit several varieties.

The Somali breed is highly appreciated because it is very lively and affectionate, less reserved and jealous than the Abyssinian cat. It is a very playful breed with a sweet meowing even during heat. It likes space to move, but stands very well the growth in the apartment. Very curious by nature, the cat is wary with foreigners and ‘weighs’ a good while before approaching someone. It is true to its master who it serves faithfully.

Excellent hunter, the Somali cat is full of patience and cunning, rarely missing its prey. It is sensitive to strong currents of air and very low temperatures, which is why it is required to ensure a constant and adequate temperature for it. If you keep the cat in the apartment is better to offer it the possibility to move through all rooms and even on the terrace, where it feels good. The Somali breed cats need regular care for that the coat to not be tangled. This breed has an average life expectancy of 9-15 years.

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