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Siberian Cat

Posted On August - 18 - 2011

The Siberian cat is relatively new in the United States of America, it has made is appearance in the 90s. Since its appearance it has made a lot of waves in the cat world and among cat lovers. It is originally from Russia and has a teddy bear profile. The cat has long hair, they have a strong frame and they have something that not many cats have: it is hypoallergenic. The Siberian is also called the Siberian forest and it is difficult to say exactly when it appeared because marks of these breed date as back as 1000 A.D.

Like other cats which have legends associated with them the Siberian cat is present in many children stories and has been found in many paintings. There are other stories related to the Siberian cat and the cold war. It is said that after the end of the cold war the citizens from Russia were forbidden to feed other animals because there was not enough food. During this period this breed moved underground and in Russian monasteries. Starting with the 80s a cat association was formed in Russia and thus pedigree Siberian cats started being protected and bred.

The Siberian cat is very often mistaken with the Norwegian forest cat, especially by non fanciers of cats, because they look so much alike. It is a very large cat, actually it is second in line after the Maine Coon. The word which defines them is round: they have round ear tips, big round eyes, big round paws and a round face.

Unlike other cats which have one or two layers of fur the Siberian cat has three layers of fur. This fur is harsh in order to protect the animal against the Siberian winds. The coat is also very thick in order to isolate perfectly the body of the cat. Because the Siberian cat is a natural breed it can come in almost any color and pattern but the most common are: cream, brown, silver and red.

The Siberian cat also has a big plus: it is hypoallergenic which makes them desirable among pet owners. What causes these allergies is the Fel d1 protein which comes from the cat’s saliva, skin and urine. Without any elaborate study it is thought that the cat have a very low or nonexistent level of this Fel d1 protein. Even though they have this allergy many cat owners have not experienced the effects of it.

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