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Siamese Cat

Posted On September - 5 - 2012

The Siamese breed comes from Thailand, Siam in old name. Belonging to the family of cats from the East, this breed is the only one with porcelain blue eyes characteristic of the breed. The certain fact is that the Siamese is a very old breed of cats and was selected for many centuries. It began to be imported into the UK since 1880, a few years later reaching on the American continent.

The Siamese cat belongs to the group of breeds with short hair, fine, dense, firmly in the skin and very bright. The head is well proportioned with a relatively triangular shape, with the fronto-nasal line slightly convex, wide in the forehead zone and narrow towards the free end. The ears are large, sharp and wide at the base. The eyes are also large, bright, slightly oblique and blue porcelain colored. The neck is long, slender but well proportioned and properly connected to the head and trunk. Moreover, the medium-sized trunk is long and slender placed on long and fine limbs and small paws, oval-shaped. The musculature is well developed without being prominent. The tail is long, thin and relatively right. This cat breed is one of the most beautiful in the world, so if you’re interested in fun Mother’s day gifts, this cat should definitely be on your list. Cats are great companions and mothers generally love them.

The body of the Siamese is covered with short hair, dense, fine and placed close to the skin. Very supple, the cat possesses an exceptional expansion and astonishing vivacity in its movements. All movements and gestures of this cat are of a rare elegance, which dominates over other breeds. The face, ears, limbs and tail areas are darker in contrast to the rest of the body, which make the cat unmistakable. These extremities should always, without exception, be darker, intense, with a clear detachment from the body which is ‘uni-colored’.

The Siamese breed is distinguished by a high intelligence, a great sensitivity, sometimes difficult to understand because of its unpredictable reactions. It has a very lively temperament, is courageous, even exuberant, discerns accurately the character of its master and knows how to play with him with carefully and finesse. There are cats that like dogs are very attached to one person in the house and it gives him fully. Besides, the Siamese show reserve towards foreigners who it doesn’t welcome and looks at them from distance and with caution. It doesn’t stand being treated like a toy and reacts as such when it is underestimated, showing its sharp claws. If you’ve been thinking about fun gifts for your mom’s birthday and you want to buy a cat, then only pick a Siamese if you know that it can live in the right conditions. If you already have a Siamese cat and you want to pamper it, then you should consider a cat house garden gift. Be careful not to place the house in an area with lots of plants, though, because she might break them.

It is not recommended for people who love quiet and calm to buy a Siamese cat. Although it doesn’t stand the noise, the Siamese shows its nosy behavior and not once. Cats belonging to this breed need space, a certain freedom and appreciate when the owner allows it to go outside and spend the latent energy. In heat, the cat will take advantage of the slightest opportunity to sneak out, and the consequences can easily be appreciated.

To make sure the cat is not affected by the heat, by a cat house garden gift and place it in a shadowy area. The young cats of this breed are less docile and sometimes they scratch the linen or the surrounding objects, behavior that changes with maturity. Longevous breed, it is very suitable for breeding in captivity, but bears harder fluctuations of temperature and air currents. This breed’s life expectancy is 12-15 years.

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