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Savannah Cat

Posted On July - 29 - 2011

The savannah cat is a combination between the domestic cat and African serval. The cat which came out of this mix is the savannah which is a large cat, playful, who likes to climb and jump from high places and very affectionate. They are so much like dogs because they like to walk on a leash, they respond when you call their name, they love to swim and have a tendency to follow it owner where ever he goes. So those of you who were undecided about getting a cat or a dog can put aside that dog breed list and choose the Savannah cat, this spectacular and beautiful animal with feline traits and dog characteristics. This loyal pet will love you and keep you company, but you shouldn’t purchase one if you are not willing to invest a lot of time in its training; if you think you would be a lazy owner, then it would be better to go back to that dog breed list and choose a race that suits your moods. If your dream is to buy a savannah cat you should know that you have to provide it with a particular environment because of their strange nature.

As soon as you get your cat place it in a room so as to make it get familiar with its new home. You can use this time to get aquaintens with your cat and to introduce it to other pets. If you have more than one animal in the house you should introduce them one at a time. It is not recommended to buy.
At savannah cat if you have small pets which resemble pray such as: bird or hamsters.

If you buy a kitten make sure you place several litter boxes in the house and take them out as the cat gets familiar with your home. By doing this you will prevent your little cat from pooping on your carpet or in your flower pots.

This kind of breed needs a special diet. Up until six months you need to feed it raw chicken three times a day. Once the cat has reached six months you can feed it twice a day like all cats. The amount of food that you should give to your cat depends on how much in can eat in a period of 15 minutes. Whatever you do don’t feed it cooked chicken bones because when they are broken the can form splinters which can pierce de cat’s stomach.

Provide your cat with intelligent games just to keep it occupied and get it out of trouble. Also, consider spraying your electric wires with something sour in order to keep the cat from chewing them. The ideal toys for them are those designed for dogs because they tend to play rough, if you buy them toy for cats they will not last for long.

Make sure you take it to the vet on a regular basis and make sure that the doctor dies not inject it with substances which can make them unhealthy.

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