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Russian Blue Cat

Posted On July - 5 - 2011

Mysterious and extremely beautiful creatures, with a smoky -silver fur and emerald green eyes, the Blue Russian cats became known al over the world under different names: “the blue Archangels”, “blue strangers”, “Russian cats with small coat” etc. As the name suggests the country of origin is considered to be Russia although many cat lovers deny this hypothesis sustaining that these cats would be original from Mediterranean area. It is said that the breed was brought in England around 1860 by sailors came from the Russian island Arhanghelsk hence the name of “Archangel” to these cats.

Rumors sustain that Russian Blue cats are descendants of those cats who belonged to Russians czars and to Queen Victoria. Since the arise of this breed till after the Second World War the English and Scandinavian breeders collaborate to establish a standard in which Russian Blue cats should fit.

It is said that the Russian Blue cats looks like they would smile and the reason for this smile is known only by them. These elegant and aristocrat cats have an intellect which turn them in very appreciate companions.

The head is similar with that of a cobra with flat profiles. Their catching eyes are blue when born and turn in a very nice emerald green as they grow up. The ears are big and sharp, high and almost hairless inside, tail is long but proportional to the body which is long with fine bones and muscular. One of the most obvious physical features is the short but thick fur, blue with silver reflex very fine, supple and silky (no cat has such a distinguished fur).

Russian blue cats have a calm and gentle nature and each of them has a distinguished personality. With a sharp intelligence some of the exemplars of this breed are even capable to open the doors to their home! They will even teach you how to play with them. These cats are quiet, playful and are lovely companions for the family members. They won’t disturb you with their meowing as other cats do.

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