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Orange Tabby Cats

Posted On July - 28 - 2011

You can find cats in all different colors or sizes, they can be from white to gray, to orange and brown. The orange tabby has orange, reddish coat white stripes on the fur from heat to the tail. The tabby cats can have both long hair and short hair. Despite rumors you there are orange tabbies of both sexes. Some say that the color of the fur determines the temperament of the cat but this is not true, other elements can determine the personality of the cat.

Many people associate the color of the fur with the cat’s temperament which is so untrue. The tabby cat with orange fur is considered to be very playful and cute because it has a great color of the fur, it attracts people’s eyes. On the other side we have the black cat which is not seen well because of superstition, in fact they can be wonderful creatures.

We are very influenced by the media too because we have a lot of characters in movies and cartoons which are nice and playful. We have Garfield which is an orange tabby cat, we have Puss in Boots from Shrek which is also an orange tabby cat.

Genetics influence a lot of the orange tabby’s personality. Most orange tabby cats are like their parents no matter what color their fur is. Another scientific fact is that kittens who have had mother cats not well fed then they will become aggressive, afraid of almost everything, they develop slower than they normally should. No matter the color of the fur they will still continue their behavior till they become adults and also during this period.

No matter the color of the coat kittens need a lot of attention when they are little. In order to socialize them from a very early age you should let different people handle them. If you do this at the age of 3 months they will be fully socialized. When you do this you will notice that your cat will not be afraid of strange people.

To sum up, no matter the color of the cats fur its personality is influenced by the environment in which it leaves in. On the other hand we have bad perception about cats because of media, how they are shown to us. The personality of the cat is shaped by you and not by media.

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