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Norwegian Forest Cat

Posted On September - 12 - 2011

The origin of the Norwegian Forest breed is highly controversial, certainly being the fact that the work of selection and improvement of the Norwegian breeders led to obtaining one of the most beautiful breeds of cats with half long hair, which was standardized in 1977.

The Norwegian Forest is a breed with a great flexibility being able to keep its balance in the toughest situations. Characterized by a triangular head, the cat’s head looks round because of the collar which is extremely evident. The small head has a long nose, relatively straight. The ears are wide and long, well apart from one another with tips provided with tufts of hair, like the lynx. The eyes well highlighted are large, expressive, opened, lively and always very vigilant. Besides, the eye color is always in the same tone with the coat of the animal. The robust but slim trunk is supported by strong and firm limbs, the posterior ones being longer than the anterior ones. The claws are long and very strong. The tail is moderately long, proportional and very bushy.

Furthermore, the hair covering the body surface is half long, dense, composed of two types of hair which are very different and provides the cats a perfect barrier against weathering. No other breed of cats has a similar coat that looks, thanks to its structure, like a cloak. We should notice also the huge development of the hairiness of the posterior limbs, forming the so-called ‘pants’. The hair and eyes color of the cat may be variable, the only requirement being that of harmonizing the eye color with the one of the coat.

The Norwegian Forest is a very intelligent breed and at the same time one of the most effective in hunting. It shows restraint to any unknown person, however, more kindness and attachment to the master. Playing is a great pleasure for the cat, but to lead the hostilities and not to be constrained. It likes to be caressed, but not exaggerated, it has personality and elegance, its whims must be understood and sometimes accepted.

The cat accepts to live in the house, but claims to have freedom of movement in the apartment and eventually outside access, where she particularly prefers trees for relaxation. To maintain its coat in proper conditions, it is necessary to be brushed or combed once a week. There are many varieties of the Norwegian Forest breed which are distinguished only by the color of the coat.

The Norwegian Forest cat is an affectionate and loyal companion, which is not dependent of its owner’s attention. This breed is suitable for active people with a busy schedule, because it is able to adapt to most circumstances and to tolerate a few hours of solitude. The average life expectancy of the Norwegian Forest breed is between 10 to 14 years.

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