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Manx Cat

Posted On August - 7 - 2011

The Manx cat got its name from the place where it came from the Isle of Man. Even people who come from this island can be called Manx. They are bright and energetic but since they are not pure they have a mutation which consists of a very short tail or none at all. Since they have these genetic mutations they are predisposed to many diseases such as: spinal issues, bowel problems, birth defects and bladder problems. The variations of this breed were made according to the length of the tail. There are few breeds which do not lack a tail which is why this is not a decisive element.

The Manx cat is medium size and weighs on average about 12 pounds. They have an overall arched appearance starting with the arched back, long legs and short frame. There are two different types of fur: you can have a Manx with short hair which has a double coat and a Manx with long hair.

Because they are the result of a mutation they do not look like they are jumping, they look more like they are hopping like rabbits. This is due to the fact that the result of the mutation has left the Manx cat with a shorter spine. This does not apply only to cats with short or no tail it can also happen to the ones with long hair.

Make sure you respect all the grooming requirements applied to all cats. You should be careful at brushing, feeding and taking it to the vet. You should ask your vet if there are any special things that you need to do to this cat in order to keep it healthy.

The head of the Manx cat is medium in size. They have proportionate ears which are set far apart from one another. The head is round and longer then it’s wide.

Here are some tips and warnings about the Manx cat:

They tend to have a behavior similar to dogs

2. Even though the Manx cat comes in both short and long hair the longhaired type is rarely met. At one point kittens which were born with long hair were killed because they were not wanted in shows.

3. They are very useful on a farm because they are excellent hunters and they can even put down an animal bigger than its size.

4. If you have two Manx cats you should not breed the together because the kittens will end up with genetic defects.

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