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Male Versus Female Cat Issues

Posted On October - 14 - 2011

It is a fact that the behavior of the cat is influenced by its socialization and growing up. That is not all true the gender of the cat also influences the personality of the cat. If you decide to have your cat neutered you have to know that according to the gender of the cat there are some diseases that can appear, which are specific to a gender.

Specific male behavior

The male will begin to show mating behavior when they reach the age of 9 months. They will manifest themselves by marking their property with urine. The urine which they spray on contains a substance called pheromone which has a strong smell. When they are in heat they will frequently get into fights for their territory and for their female companion. The process of mating is very interesting, when a male find a female cat it will smell her and if they sense that the cat is in heat it will start crying and checking her out until she gives him access to mate. If you are trying to keep your cat in the house while it is in heat you are wasting your time because it will do anything to escape.

Specific female behavior

According to the type of breed your female cat is it will reach the mating season somewhere between 5 and 10 months. If they are left outside when it’s the mating season they will become pregnant and give birth to up to 8 kittens. If they are left unneutered they can become pregnant to up to five times a year. The mating period of the cat starts from February and end in October. During this period the cat will search for a male every other two weeks until she become pregnant. You will notice their specific miauing which is very loud and a great deal of attention directed to you. It is no use to try to keep it inside because it will escape eventually.

Medical problems

A urine issue can affect both females and males and it affects the lower urinary tract. If you do not treat this issue as soon as possible the cat will die. At male cats this condition develops through the crystals which form in the urine leading to the impossibility of the cat to urinate. A condition which is specific to female cats in mammary cancer.


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