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When you choose what kind of cat you want as a pet you are not looking just at its appearance you are also looking at its personality. The calico cat does not represent a breed but you can identify with from its orange, black and white markings. Some of the cats which are calico are: the Persian, Ragamuffin, Munchkin, Norwegian Forest and Munchkin. Each cat that we have mentioned has their own distinctive personality.

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is a cat which is situated in top ten of preferences, people want to buy this cat. They come in the colors specific for calico and they have long fur. As far as their personality is concerned they are very friendly, curious and will always be loyal to its owner. They love water which it’s why you will find it swimming in the pool, in the shower next to you or in the tub.


The Persian cat can only be found in calico colors if the breeder wants to get that specific color. They are known worldwide for their long and extremely soft fur. The word which best describes the Persian cat is calmness. They are never aggressive, sedentary and they like to sleep a lot. The cat enjoys playing but the majority of time is spend wondering around the house.


The RagaMuffin has something in common with calico and that is the color of the hair and also the length. If you are a person who has a family and children then this cat will suite perfectly with your life. The cat is very sociable and loves to sit in your lap while your read or watch TV. It is also friendly and love to play.


Like the cats we have presented so far the Munchkin also has long hair which comes in calico colors. The name of the cat is a reflection of its very short legs. Unlike other cats they are all about fun and if the owner ignores their needs they will let him know. They are wonderful hunters.

Norwegian Forest

The Norwegian Forest cat is also associated with the calico pattern. They are very friendly, affectionate and extremely curious. If you have a home with children you do not need to worry because it will do just fine. According to history the Norwegian Forest was used to hunting in the forest but nowadays that is all gone they are non aggressive and peaceful.


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