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Korat Cat

Posted On August - 22 - 2011

The Korat cat is originally from Thailand and it is a rare breed. It has a specific grey coat which it used to blend in with the rocky environment from that region. Even today it is a rare breed and if you posses on it is considered good luck. It is said that if you give as a gift to new married couples a pair of Korat cats then they will have good luck.

The cat was introduced in the 50s in the United States of America. Because they are so rare it has been permitted for the Korat to be breed with the Siamese. To this day only the cats which have a blue coat are recognized as being Korat cats, the standards were introduced by the The Korat Cat Fanciers Association in 1965.

They are slow cats with a muscular body, a medium sized frame and a blue coat with silver at the tips of the hairs. The face has a forehead which is flat and wide along with a pair of green eyes. The Korat is not the shedding type of cat but it does have a thick coat.

It is not the type of cat which like being left alone they like to be included in all the owners’ activities. They are confident and independent but they need to be house trained from an early age because they do not like sudden noises or startling ones. They make perfect pets because they like to be around children, they want to express their affection towards its owners and they love to play hide and seek with their owners. The Korat cat likes to play games such as fetching.

The Korat cat is very hard to be found in pure form and you can only find one at a breeder. They are usually seen in shows where they will be judged by their chin, head, muscle tones, black, size and shape of the eyes and so many more.

In general they are healthy cats but they can experience a genetic disorder called gangliosidosis which is known to affect the mobility of the cat and the brain. Because of this genetic disorder breeders are very careful when they breed the Korat cat.

As far as grooming is concerned you do not need to wash it, feed it quality food in order to keep the healthy look of the coat and take it to the vet to have all its shots done.

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