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Japanese Bobtail Cat

Posted On August - 11 - 2011

The Japanese Bobtail Cat is mostly known from the cat figurines with one paw up which symbolize good luck. This bred is originally from Japan but specialists say that it actually migrated from Korea and China. The Bobtail can also be found in the United States of America. They are known for being used in a lot of Japanese artwork. They are best known for their intelligence and high resistance to all different types of diseases.

The Bobtail cat can make between three to four kittens which are larger at birth than the normal newborns. Unlike other cats they walk early and they become active earlier than usual. They are known for their resistance to disease and low mortality rate at newborns. The cat is very talkative and some might say that when they speak it seems like they are singing. They are intelligent and very active. They can surprise you by answering almost every time you talk with them.

The cat can be found with short hair or semi short hair nut no matter the length the fur is soft and silky. They come in many different colors, from red to white and they can ever have white spots. Many breeders do to recognize cats as being Japanese Bobtail if they have any signs of Siamese genes.

It is the perfect pet if you like going on trips because it loves traveling and it does not mind strange places. They are sociable so make sure you interact with it like you would do with a human, they will talk back. They enjoy playing games such as fetch and are comfortable in the presence of a child.

They need to have their fur brushed every day to prevent extra shedding. Take it to the vet to have all its shots done. Do not wash it because like most cats they do not need that. Make sure you feed it quality food in order to maintain the shinny look of the fur. Consult with your vet regarding the best flea product for this breed.

If you have a large family or if you have constant visits from your friends this cat will blend in just fine. Interact with it whenever you get the chance because this cat does not like being alone. It is practically the ideal cat because it is very resistant to diseases and they live a very long time.

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