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How to Train Your Cat

Posted On November - 3 - 2011

Cats are harder to train than dogs because even thou not many cat lover will admit they are not very bright. It is hard to train a cat because they do not understand the relationship between cause and effect. You will never be able to train it to fetch or do things that dogs do, what you can do it teach it not to destroy your carpet and teach it to use the litter box. But if what you are looking for is a more responsive playmate, one who can follow commands, perform tricks and know its place around the house and its rules, then you should look at a dog breeds list and find a more suitable companion. In a comprehensive dog breeds list, you will be able to find dogs with characteristics that you are looking for, with a more trainable personality. However, if you just love cats and wouldn’t want to replace them with another animal, then you will just have to get used to the fact that they can’t learn too many things and try to accomplish one of the following tips.

Make sure you play with your cat because most unhealthy behaviors develop when the cat gets bored. The amount of time that you should spend playing with your cat needs to be about 30 minutes. Do that and you will notice that the destructive behavior will gradually disappear.

Develop a feeding schedule, this is needed because the cat’s stomach works like clockwork. If you design a regular feeding plan you will also create a regular pooping time. If you know when it needs to go to the bathroom you can also make sure that it uses it.

It is very important that you clean the litter box as often as possible because cats tend not to use the box because they think that they are dirty. Scoop the poop and replace the sand just to make sure that you will not have any accidents around the house.

Until the cat learns to use the litter box make it sit in a room with fresh food, water and the litter box. You will see that in time it will learn to use the litter box. Once it has done that you can let it go into other rooms but leave the litter box where you put it.

Your cat probably loves to sink its claws into your furniture so what you need to do is to make it an unpleasant action. What you can do is place some tape on your furniture so when it want to shred your couch or drapes it will be a sticky experience.

Training your cat not to do some things must have a positive side for the cat to. If you do not want it to scratch the furniture buy it a post spiced with catnip. If you cat learned to use the litter box you can boots up its confidence by praising it for doing such a great job. Whatever you do training should be a calm and healthy process for you and your cat.


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