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How to Take Care of Himalayan Kittens

Posted On August - 31 - 2011

It is not so easy to take care of a Himalayan kittens because they need a lot of attention. They tend to get their fur dirty all the time and of course you have to clean it and brush it to prevent its long fur from tangling. You need to brush its coat every day in order to stay clean and smooth. You have to make sure that you have found the right kind of food for them, they are in their growing period so they need something which helps them in this process and keeps them healthy. The good news is that you do not have to train them to use the litter box because their mother will do that, all you need to do in encourage them.

You need to brush your cat’s hair every day from an early age because it is long and when it grows it will get tangled and dirty. You need to buy them a scratching post and teach them how to use it if you do not want to have all your furniture scratched. It is very simple to teach them how to use it, you simply take their front paws and put them on the scratching post you will see that they will immediately start to used their tinny claws.

Even thou in most cases the mother of the Himalayan kittens will teach them how to use the litter box there are some cases when they don’t. If this happens you have to train them by placing them in the litter box as often as you can until it uses it. Another alternative is buying a crate and placing the kittens and the litter box in, keep them there until they learn to use it.

At first the kittens need soft food but as they grow older you can give them dry food. The proper age to start giving them dry food is six months. They need the dry food in order to keep their teeth healthy.

Make sure that you buy your Himalayan kittens toys because they need to do something all they. If they do not have toys at their disposal they will start to play with things from the house and they could end up hurting themselves. Toys made of catnip are the best toys that you can purchase for them. Just to make sure, move your plants into places where they cannot reach them.

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