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How to Remove Plaque in a Cat’s Mouth

Posted On July - 20 - 2011

A lot of cat owner do not know that cats, like dogs, need to have their teeth brushed in order to keep them healthy. If you do not clean your cat’s teeth on a regular basis then they will start to develop problems such as plaque. Some cats are not used to this process especially if you have never brushed their teeth. You can start with a mild brushing until the cats gets used to it. For this you will need a special toothpaste and toothbrush, for cats. You can buy this from your vet or from a shop which has food and animal accessories. The brushes are all the same and they can be used on any breed so you need not worry about that.

To get it used to you putting your finger on her teeth and gums start with dipping your finger into a juice or food that your cat likes. Rug the juice on your cats gums until it gets used to it. While you are doing this talk to your cat and praise it just to make her feel comfortable.

Repeat this procedure for about three days until the cat gets comfortable after which you can switch to tooth paste. After they have gotten accustomed with the tooth pates you need to the same with the tooth brush. You repeat the same steps, you dip the tooth brush into something that the cat likes and them you apply very gently on its teeth.
After you have gotten it accustomed with all this you can brush the cat’s teeth. At first let your cat lick the tooth paste just so she can make sure that it tastes good. Do this when you have the time but do not wait too long.

If you are still not sure how to do this the best way is to ask a friend to help you are go to the vet to show you the whole process.
With time you will see that it is not so difficult and your cat will get used to it. What it is important is that you protect your cat’s teeth from plaque because if their teeth form it then they will have problems.


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