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How to Correct Bad Behavior in Cats

Posted On October - 6 - 2011

When cats show bad behavior that does not mean that they need training. For cats training does not work like it does for dogs because they do not have that cause effect way of thinking. When you notice bad manners in your cat then you should be generous when your cat does good and also stick to you regulation. There is always a cause to your cats behavior so what you have to do is find the cause so you can change the effect. Some of these causes are: stress in the house, living them alone in the house for long periods of time and anxiety.

As soon as you start noticing bad behavior in your cat such as scratching and biting you should stop petting it and say no till it stops. Do not force your cat to play if you see that it does not want to. If you notice that it flickers it tail or the ears are flatten then that is a sign to back off. Do not touch the cat is places where they do not like, you will learn with time where those places are. If you do not stop petting them where they do not like you risk getting scratched or bitten. Reward your cat when it does something good just to encourage that behavior.

If you want it to stop begging while you are trying to eat serve its meal just before you start your. By doing this it will distract it from your food and it is known that cats get sleepy after they eat. Whatever you do don’t give it food from your table because that will lead to an unhealthy behavior. When the cat’s starts to beg simply ignore it or say no.

All cats are used to catching mice or birds and bringing them into your house. To prevent that from happening make sure that the bird house are out of the cats reach and that you provide it with a lot of toys that simulate the same excitement they have when they hunt.

If you do not like the cats sounds when it want to mate have it neutered but in return make sure that you give it a lot of affection. Some sound can be made by the cat if they are ill or injured, just to make sure take it to the vet.


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