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How to Care for Elderly Cats

Posted On November - 17 - 2011

Old cats are the same as old peoples, you need to treat them with much attention and care. When your cat has gotten old its behavior changes, it wants to spend a lot of its time resting and it is not so energetic like before. You main interest should be making your cat comfortable and happy. It is not unusual to be concerned about your pets comfort when it gets old. In order to make sure that you are doing the right thing you must make sure that you have taken into consideration all aspects.

The first thing that is absolutely necessary to do is taking your elder cat to the vet at least twice a year. Unlike young cats that are young it is a must to respect the regular visits to the vet because old cats are more sensitive. You can have a sick cat without even knowing because there are some disease which do not manifest such as diabetes and hyper thyroid. You will increase the chances of healing if you go to checkups on a regular basis.

As they grow old they need vitamins which is why you should purchase them from your vet and mix the with their food, it must be wet food. The body of the cat needs extra vitamins. A lot of old cats have hairballs and this vitamin helps them eliminate them quicker.

Make sure that it always has a bowl full of fresh water. They need to drink a lot of water which is why you should encourage them. You can even buy a water fountain because it will attract the cat to water.

As cats get old they become fussy when it comes to eating time. The most important thing in the cat’s day becomes their meal which is why you should stick to those particular periods of the day. You should include a diet with softer food, this also helps if the cat has lost its teeth.

You should cut the cats nail once a month. They do not use them as much as they used to on your furniture but they still need cutting.

Make sure that you play with your cat because they still have this desire. The difference now is that they do not need toys because they are too crazy for them, a simple flash light or laser will do just fine. Instead of following your old list with pet gifts ideas, you should be more careful now with your choices, because your cat does not have the same flexibility and energy it had in the past. You should look for pet gifts ideas for old cats instead to make sure the toys you buy will not harm your beloved pet.


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