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How to Care For a Stray Cat

Posted On July - 25 - 2011

It is very hard not to notice a stray cat standing in front of you. They usually come at your home because they are hungry. If you notice that they are friendly this may mean that they used to have an owner or that they got lost from their families. There are small chances to meet a wild cat because they are shy and they do not like being around people.

If a stray cat comes to your home you have two choices: take it into your home and make it your house pet or you can ignore it and the cat will leave as soon as it notices that you will not give it food. In some countries if you feed it regularly but not take it into your home it is still considered that it is your, legally that is.

The first thing you should do in making sure that the stray cat does not belong to someone else. Put up flyers in your neighborhood and go to your local shelter to ask if this cat has been reported missing. Some cats get lost because their family is moving and they do not want to leave their surroundings.

If you do not want to have kittens from this cat have it neutered as soon as possible. You can go to a clinic or to a shelter for animals if you do not want to spend a lot of money on this operation. Make sure that during the winter they do not get wet because that is how they get sick. Also keep a bowl of fresh water at their disposal at all times.

When you have decided that you want to adopt this cute cat how committed are you to taking it to the vet. If they are sick you will need to take it to the vet until the cat gets well.

You have to take into consideration the fact that if you adopt a stray cat it can be very noisy at times especially if they want to go outside and they cannot. Whatever you decide we think that the best way is to adopt the stray cat but only if you mean to take care of it because maybe someone will. It is not so hard to take care of a stray cat actually it is easier that if you had a cat from certain breed.


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