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How to Care for a Deaf Cat

Posted On November - 25 - 2011

The absence of hearing at a cat can have only two causes: getting old and born deaf. Caring for a deaf cat is not so easy, it can be a challenge at times. As soon as you have gotten accustomed with the idea that your cat is deaf you will notice that you will have to start another type of communication. You will develop new ways of playing and calling your cat. In spite of this problem you will be able to have a wonderful relationship with your pet. Do not be scared that you will not handle it because it is not so hard you just need to change strategy.

To make sure that your cat has lost its hearing take you’re companion to the vet to confirm it. By doing this you will also find out the cause which led to this problem.

One way of communicating with your cat is tapping your toes on the floor, if they are somewhere near you they will be able to sense the vibration and come to you. If the cat is not close to you bang your hand on the steps and it will come to you.

Deaf cats are very sensitive and they get scared easily which is why you should be careful when you try to wake them up. You should try patting them on the back or switching on the light just so it will not get scared.

If your cat is looking at you should make a sign to make her come to you and pat the floor. All cats love patting so you will not have a hard time making it come to you. To make your cat be receptive to all your signs all you have to do is practice.

If a cat cannot hear it needs a lot of attention so make sure you pet it and play with it as much as possible. You will make them very happy. Also if you notice that your cat is a bit lonely you should consider buying another cat to fill that void but be careful what pet you are buying. When you are looking for a new companion for a deaf cat you should be looking for a calm and non aggressive animal.

Do not let your deaf cat outside because they cannot avoid danger. They cannot hear cars or other animals.


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