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How to Care for a Cat in Cold Weather

Posted On November - 17 - 2011

We normally think that since the cat has fur it does not have a problem with cold weather. That is not true, small temperatures can be a danger for the cats health. If you leave a cat outside in the cold this could lead to hypothermia which ends up with the death of the cat. Here are some tips on how to protect your cat from cold weather.

There are two ways in which a cat can get cold: the first one is staying in the cold weather with its fur wet and the second one is leaving your cat outside for long periods of time when the temperature is very low. Another possibility is leaving your cat outside if it has very short hair or of it is sick.

Make sure that you dry your cat’s fur if you have given it a bath of if you notice that its fur is wet. You should pay great attention to this especially is it is winter or if you live in an area with small temperatures.

Before you can stop the process of hypothermia you must first know the symptoms. When you experience hypothermia the temperature of your body drops so low that your vital organs stop functioning. When a cat experiences hypothermia you will notice that it will shiver, it will have trouble breathing and will have trouble moving.

If your cat shows this signs the first thing that you should do is warm it gradually, do not do it quick because it is very dangerous. The first thing that you should do is take it into a warm room and wrap it with a towel or blanket. You can also use a hair dryer if your cat is not scared of it. After your cat has stopped shivering and warmed a bit you can give it a warm bath to continue the process.

Make sure that when it is cold outside you do not live your cat outside for too long because it’s not good for their health. Watch the door when you have visitor going in and out just to make sure that your cat does not snick outside the house. Never leave a cat outside if its fur is wet because that will trigger hypothermia faster that if it were to sit outside for a long period of time.


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