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Egyptian Mau Cat

Posted On August - 10 - 2011

The Egyptian Mau is a cat which comes from Egypt and which dates as far as the Ancient Egypt. The name of this cat ‘Mau’ actually means cat in Egyptian. This breed is very special because it is the only one who has a spotted coat by nature; the other cats known to have spotted fur are the result of mixing breeds. When it comes to grooming you can simply follow the grooming steps for the shorthair. They can live up to 15 years and they have been classified as being the fastest cat out of all cats known to man.

Brush your cat’s hair at least once a week if you have time to do it more often it is much better for the coat of the cat. When you brush the coat of the cat you stimulate the oil in the fur which makes the hair look healthier, you get rid of dead skin and get rid of dust or dirt. Brushing also prevents hairballs from forming. You can use as an alternative to the brush a brushing glove; this can be used when you have a cat which does not like being brushed.

While grooming you should inspect the cat’s ears, legs, neck and belly for parasites. To check the fur for fleas simply place the cat on a white surface and brush the hair with a metal comb. If you notice that it has parasites you should take it to the vet and if you see fleas you should have it deparasitated and after that applied a anti flea product.

You should bathe your Mau in order to keep it clean. If your cat is afraid of the water, like most cats are, you can use wipes to get rid of the dust and dirt. If you want to bathe it you should know that you have to be careful not to get water on its head in order to reduce the trauma of water.

They need their nails cut off but at a certain length. You should cut the claw up until you reach the quick, you can see it if you are looking from the side. If you have a cat that hates this process simply wrap the cat in a towel leaving only its head out and take each paw at a time. This should be done once every 3 weeks.

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