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Dog treats

Posted On September - 24 - 2013

Dog treats are as fun for dog owners as they are for dogs. As much as our dogs love to snap them up, we love to see our dogs so excited. Treats can be more than just fun, though. With a little know-how, treats can be important tools for dog training. Not all dog training is a matter of professional rigor. We all train our dogs with our behavior every day, and giving them treats is something that absolutely influences that.

The thing to understand is conditioning. Dogs and people alike associate some things with other things. If you’re used to having bills overdue, you’ll start dreading your mailbox. If your dog only gets in the car for the vet, he’ll be scared of it. However, positive reinforcement and association can have a much more pronounced impact. That’s why you might want to give your dog a treat at particular times, or be careful of when you do.

For example, you might want to be careful about giving your dog a treat before taking him on a walk. If he begins to associate getting a treat with going on a walk, than giving him one at another time might get him excited to go outside at a bad time. If you like seeing your pet eager and waiting at the door, consider giving him a treat when you first get home, maybe after making sure he hasn’t gotten into any mischief. Keeping habits like this consistent won’t necessarily get your dog housebroken and won’t replace a trainer as necessary, but it’s something to keep in mind to foster a better relationship with your pet.


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