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Cornish Rex cat

Posted On September - 16 - 2011

The Cornish Rex was discovered in the 50s in a farm from Cornwell. According to specialists it was the most exciting discovery this century in cat world. In a very short period of time the Cornish Rex had made a name for itself and had started to participate in cat shows. Most Cornish Rex cats have won the best show award.

The cat needs constant contact with people as it does not like to be alone. It has a wonderful presence, so magnificent that once you have seen it you will never forget it. It is charming and captivating. If you let it to choose its sleep space then you can be sure that it would be your bed because they like to sleep in a warm place. They attract most people because they are not loud and they are tempered.

The Cornish Rex is amazing cat weather you use it for shows or you keep it as a pet you cannot notice its very special coat, it is actually the element which defines it. They like to be around people and are very affectionate with their owners. They are active cats and always act like they are kittens event thou they are adults, they are full of life and inventive when it is time to play.

Unlike other cats the Cornish Rex adores to be around crowd such as the ones present at cat shows, they do not get shy or annoyed when a lot of people come and look at them they actually enjoy it. They are very inventive when it comes to interacting with people, like picking up small objects just so they can grab the owner’s attention. They are so smart that they can even turn door knobs and open doors. Besides its being active they simply adore cuddling in bed with the owner, so much that you will find it trying to get under your chin. They do not like being left alone, if this happens rest assure that they will make themselves noticed.

They do not need any special attention when it comes to grooming. They just need the basics: high quality food, frequent brushing of the coat and regular visits to the vet. Unlike most cats they will never lose interest in a game, just like people.

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