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Chartreux cat

Posted On August - 1 - 2011

The Chartreux cat is a very old cat and it is believed to be the descendent of the cat of Syria. They distinguish themselves from the other cats through their gray blue fur, muscular body and copper gold eyes. The cat was brought to Europe by the Carthusian monks during the 16th century crusades. During that period they were not used as house pets, they were mainly used for their fur and meat.

It seems that the Charteux cats used to live in France with the Carthusian monks and it is thought that the name comes from the quality of their coat.
The Chartreux cat was not bred by the French until the World War I, they started this in order to prevent the breed from disappearing. The bred was introduced to Europe in 1928 and it has not changed much since then.

The body of the cat is medium in size, with short legs, broad shoulders and a round head. They can weigh between 7 to 16 pounds. The cheeks are chubby and the nose in straight. The cat has a gentle expression on its face mainly because of its round eyes and medium sized ears. Their coat is thick and dense, in any blue color which protects the skin from the rain. Its face makes you believe that it is always smiling.

The best way to untangle the coat of a Charteux cat is not by brushing it but by running your fingers through its hair. They are always interested in what you are doing, for example if you turn on the TV you will notice that it will start watching TV. The same thing happens if you stay in front of the computer.

They don’t make noise, you can even call them mute that is how quiet they are. They react well when they are felt alone for long periods of time because of their gentle and mild personality. The cat is good at hunting rodents and likes to travel.

You will like this cat if you are a busy person, they will do just fine till you come home from work and you will not feel alone with it because it always wants to be with you. Make sure that you take it to the vet to have all its shots done and you will be able to enjoy your cat for many years to come.

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