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Burmilla Cat

Posted On August - 16 - 2011

The Burmilla is a mixture between a Lilac Burmese and a Chinchilla Silver Persian. It dates from the 80s and is originally from Britain.

The Burmilla cat is of medium size, their head, legs and tail have traces of the Tabby bread. You can distinguish this cat just by looking for an M which should be placed on the forehead. The impressive element of this cat are the eyes which take your breath away, they can have any shade of the green color along with a black frame around the eyes which look like an eyeliner.

The Burmilla is found in just five colors: Lilac, brown, blue, chocolate and black. The common thing they all have no matter the color of the coat is the silver and white undercoat which covers their skin.

Their color of the nose is dark red with an outline. When the kittens are very young they can look like Tabby cats, they have a lot of distinctive features specific to the breed, but they fade away in a couple of days. They have a very delicate cat, at touch it feels like silk but it is dense. The Burmilla can have either short or semi short hair because of their genes coming from both the chinchilla and the Burmese.

They need the basic grooming just like most cats. They need to have their coat brushed on a daily basis in order to avoid excessive shedding. Feed it quality food just to prevent any health problems and to keep the coat looking shinny. Take it to the vet on a regular basis to have all its shots done. Ask your doctor what are the ideal products for fleas. They do not need washing because they can wash themselves.

As for their personality they are very friendly and like adventure, thus being a characteristic inherited from one of the breeding cats. They have the main characteristics of the Burmese and Chinchilla but what they do not have is: the demanding and noisy way of being like the Burmese are and they are much more adventures than the Chinchilla cat.

They have started to become more and more popular around pet owners and mostly because of their special good looks and because they are very good with children. Since they do not need any special grooming and they are not moody they make the perfect pet for you and your family.

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