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Burmese Cat

Posted On August - 10 - 2011

The Burmese cat comes from the south of Asia and it is known by people for centuries. These are some myths about the Burmese cat and one of them tells us that it is a descendent of a cat which was worshiped in temples called Burmese because they were believed to be the embodies of gods in earth. Nowadays there are only two types of Burmese cats: the contemporary Burmese and the European Burmese.

Throughout history the Burmese cat has lived in Malaya, Burma and Thailand and till the 1800s it was called chocolate Siamese, in England. In the 30s a scientist brought from Burma a female Burmese which he named Wong Mau. After analyzing it the Cat Fanciers Association came to the conclusion that the Burmese cat was a distinct breed and not a descendent of the Siamese breed. From time to time lighter versions of the Burmese were produced after which the American breeders asked the Cat Association to recognize them as a division of the Burmese breed.

They are not cats which encounter many different health problems but there one common issue in males. The issue appears when the males are neutered, they are exposed to developing calcium oxalate stones. The appearance of this stones indicates that the cat has problems with its bladder. In order to prevent any medical issue you should take your Burmese cat regularly to the vet and have all its shots done.

Their appearance
The coat of the Burmese cat is short, shinny and fine which means that is does not require much grooming. They are heavy for their frame. They have large, round eyes which can be from yellow to gold in color. They can be found in several colors but there are only four colors recognized by the Cat Association and they are: platinum, sable, blue and champagne.

The Burmese is very comfortable when around people, they are often considered to have a behavior similar to dogs. They like to show their affection towards their owners but they also want to receive affection. Females are more active and curious than males. Males are calmer and love to just sit on a pillow.

If you want to buy small Burmese, kittens, you should know that you have to be careful because they are very curious and often clumsy. They are intelligent and you can even teach them tricks which they will pick up fast.

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