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Bombay Cat

Posted On February - 26 - 2013

The Bombay breed is so-called because of its similarity with the black-panther from India, but obviously this cat is completely domesticated. In fact, the breed is the result of the interbreeding between a brown Burmese and the black American shorthair cat. Thus, the selected descendants led to the present forms which are very popular today.

Medium-sized breed, the Bombay cat is characterized by a harmonious conformation, a long and supple body supported by powerful limbs and well proportionate with the rest of the body. The musculature is well developed and proportioned. The head is triangular, wide at the forehead and narrow at the free end. Stands out the almost right shape of the ears with slightly rounded tips and covered with fine and dense hairs. The eyes, well apart from each other, are rounded, well opened, bright and yellow-orange colored. The body is covered with short hair, smooth, soft and very shiny which gives it a very interesting aspect. The color is black, shiny, uniformly all over the body. In addition, there are no other varieties for this breed or other differences to the standard. Moreover, the nose and pads are also black.

The Bombay is a relatively rare breed, but is very popular for breeders due to its exterior appearance and its docile personality. However, please note that if you want to make a gift for Mother’ Day, this cat is definitely not one of the cheap gifts for mom. Because it is quite rare, it can cost a lot of money, or at least the pure breed does. It is an excellent apartment cat, very intelligent, affectionate and very close to its master. The cat has gentle and pleasant caterwaul and cannot stand the noise. This breed easily accepts the presence of other breeds of animals, but less of its kind. It appreciates the quiet inside the house, especially when left with its master. It doesn’t love noisy children and with disordered movements. The kittens are born with a lighter coat that darkens as they age. Less demanding on food, however, prefers more meat meals.

Like all cats, it likes to play, climb on things and sharpen its claws. In order not to provoke damages in a home, a Bombay cat should have a few cat scratch posts around the house. We advise you to choose a bigger cat tree as its main source of entertaining, but also invest in a few smaller, cat scratch posts that you can put in each room of the house.

The average life expectancy of the Bombay cat is over 15 years. This cat is not happy if left alone for long periods of time, so you should think to bring a mate to provide her company, if you are gone all day. Therefore, if you want a distant and independent cat, the Bombay is not what you are looking for. If this cat is too expensive, but you would still like to surprise your mother, here is a list of cheap gifts for mom.

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