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Bengal Cat

Posted On August - 27 - 2011

The Bengal cat is a descendent of the Asian leopard but it is domestic. It is an intelligent cat which really connects with its owner. It loves to be around the ones it loves and you will always find it wherever there is some activity. They are very active creatures which means that they need to run and play a lot in order to consume their energy. It likes to be in the center of attention and at the same time they demand attention when they feel ignored. Rest assure that in return, for your attention, it will keep you entertained with its tricks.

They are affectionate and are often referred to as being like dog simply because they are easy to train. You can teach them to do dog things such as fetching, shaking hands and walking with a leash on. Many Bengal cats like water and they like to play in it. You may find it snicking into the shower or tub while you are bathing or scooping water out of its bowl just for fun. Bengal cats are excellent with other animals such as dogs, act well around children which makes it the ideal pet.

Unlike other cats which have fur, this one has a pelt. Because they only have a pelt you may often see them glow when standing in the sun, it is because of its glitter genes. The Bengal cat has four main colors: brown spotted, classic brown, seal-lynx and silver spotted.

• The brown spotted fur also includes other variations: sorrel spotted, leopard spotted and charcoal on a background of grey.
• The classic brown coat also includes: black marble pattern and sorrel marble pattern placed on different light colors.
• The seal-lynx includes only two variations: snow marble with grey or brown pattern and blue eyed snow leopard.

They are wonderful cats and they make excellent pets for those owners who want an active and intelligent dog. They do not need much grooming, just the usual: making sure they are healthy by taking it to the doctor on a regular basis, making sure that they eat quality food in order to prevent any health problems and making sure that they are clean.
This cat needs much of your attention so if you do not have time to play with it or if you spend little time at home you should reconsider.


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