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Balinese Cat

Posted On September - 18 - 2011

To watch a Balinese cat is really a treat because they have a magnificent grace and a silky coat which wraps around its body. They are intelligent, very elegant and an impressive tail. The words that define this breed are: elegance, regal and luxury. This breed is not old as other breeds are; it made its appearance in the 50s. At the beginning the sold out as fluffy Siamese with long hair up until the breeders from the United States decided to breed them.

The body of the Balinese cat is in many aspects the same as the Siamese cat. The differences are: the coat is softer, they are quieter, and their eyes are almond shaped and of an amazing sapphire blue color. They have a muscular neck and overall body, with strong bones and oval paws. They are strong but they are called the ballet dancers in the cat world.

Even though the Balinese has long hair it does not get tangled or mat which means that it is very easy to maintain the coat smooth and shiny. They need regular brushing like at cats do and a special diet. They need a lot of exercise and with that a healthy diet which should include chicken and diced raw meat. They need this particular diet in order to keep their muscular body fit and to maintain the healthy look of the fur. Make sure that they do not get overweight because they will start to develop health problems. You should never bathe the Balinese because they can clean themselves like all cats, an exception to this rule is when you take it to a show and they need to look perfect but this should no bet transformed into a routine.

Balinese cats make wonderful pets; they are always there for you when you need a friend. They are also talkative and you will always find yourself taking to them. They are very active kitties from paying with the broom when you are trying to clean up, to helping with dinner to playing with the newspaper while you read. They like to be kept in ones lap for long periods of time and also they enjoy being held on one shoulder and walked throughout the house.

If you want a cat active in your life and affectionate when you come at home then the Balinese cat is for you. Rest assures that this cat will always make its presence noticed.

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