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American Shorthair Cat

Posted On September - 4 - 2011

The American shorthair cat is a normal breed very popular in the United States of America. They are domestic cat; they have short hair and have a moderate temperament. The American shorthair is a working cat mainly used at catching rodents around the house. This cat is a descendent of the British short hair cat. The American was brought during the new world period from Europe to colonial America on ships because they were excellent at cathimh rodents, mainly mice.

They come in many different colors; they have a muscular and slender body, round head and short fur. They can be found in almost any color but they are most commonly found in silver with white spots.

Cats do not need to be washed because they wash themselves, there are certain breeds which may need at one point to be washed but this happens to long hair cats. They should be brushed once a week at least in order to prevent extra shedding. Make sure you take it to the vet regularly to have all its shots done.

The body of the American Shorthair is very well proportionate and they are a bit longer that their height. They have an overall muscular body, with thick muscular legs making the frame look square. The heat of the American cat is big equipped with big and strong cheeks. If you notice the eyes you will see that they are large and round and that they are set wide apart one from the other.

This cat makes a perfect pet because it is friendly and independent. They are known for their affectionate personality and their playful way of being. They are very intelligent which is why they make excellent hunters.

This type of cat does not have many health issues, most of its life it is healthy. If they are properly taken care of and fed they can live up to the age of 15.

If you are considering getting a cat than you should take into account the American shorthair because it is not hard to maintain, it is very affectionate and you will have no problem with the kids. If you live in a house or farm you will not have to worry about rodents entering your home. They are the most popular cats in the world.

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