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American Bobtail

Posted On July - 31 - 2011

The origin of the American Bobtail has not been fully established due to the fact that the specialist cannot identify the original breeds mixed in order to create this cat. The main idea is that this breed was born from a Siamese female cat and brown tabby with short hair. The cat can be from medium to large as far as size is concerned and it has the characteristics of the bobtail giving us the image of a cat in the forest. The make great pets because they are affectionate and can adapt to almost any change of environment. Next we are going to present you some information about the American Bobtail cat.

They have a very powerful appearance, they have a muscular body equipped with a broad chest and noticeable shoulder blades. The breed has long hair, a rectangular body shape and elongated body. They have long legs with round and bog paws.

A specific characteristic to this cat are the curled ears which cat vary from cat to cat, they can be either straight or curled up from 90 to 180 degrees. The curve of the ear resembles with the curve of a shell. Even thou the ears are the distinctive qualities of the bobtail it also has other assets which are as important as this one, these are: medium sized body, rectangular shape, expressive eyes shaped like a walnut.

The shape of the head is round and has a soft ridge around the eyes. This ridge is what gives the cats it hunting gaze, like the ones you see at wild cats. The eyes are big and expressive, with a shape resembling and almond. The corners of the eyes are arched up indicating the ears. The eras are medium in size and are situated on top of the head.

If you observe the tail of the cat you will notice that it is quite short. It is normally between 1 and 4 inches or less than half the length of the body. The color of the fur does not consist of a particular pattern, it can come in many colors no matter if the hair is long or short.

The coat has a special characteristic, it is water proof. It has two layers of coat one of which, the undercoat, protects the skin from nasty weather. If you want your cat to live a long a healthy life you have to properly take care of it.

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