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Abyssinian Cat

Posted On August - 3 - 2011

The Abyssinian cat is thought to be one of the few remaining pure breeds in the world. Also known under the name of Aby the cat seems to have existed in Ancient Egypt because of the sculptures found in tombs. The sculptures embodied a short haired cat with long legs and with a fur matching the colors of the sand, but this is just a hypothisis.

Another piece of information that we have about this cat is that it was brought in 1800s by British soldiers from Abyssinia who is now known as Ethiopia. In the Holland Leiden Museum lays the oldest stuffed Abyssinian cat, it was brought is 1835 but nobody seems to know when it exactly died. In 1972 appeared the first written words about this cat and 20 years later it was the most popular cat in England. Since the 1800s it has become the most popular short haired cat in Northen America and Europe.

The Abyssinian is a long and well proportionate cat and they poses a tail which gives us the false impression that it is longer that it normally should be. They do not have faces that resemble the Siamese cats which have a very elongated face. Their head is that of a typical cat but what differences them from the rest are the ears which are longer than they normally should be. You can recognize them by looking for the M on their forehead which is present no matter what color the fur is.

The Abyssinian comes in four colors: fawn, soft peach and cream, gold chestnut, beige and black which make the fur look blue and red with blue and some cinnamon red. The eyes of this cat can be green or yellow but they can be found mostly with gold eyes. They have some white spots on their fur on the neck and muzzle.

This type of cat is much healthier than some purebred cats but they do have a predisposition to some health problems. The health problems that they may have are: patellar luxation, retinal atrophy which causes the cat to lose its eye site, renal amyloidosis and kidney issues.

They are very intelligent cats and because of that they can create a special bond with their owners. Because they are so active you can teach it tricks. They like to be around children and other animals. They are fussy sometimes when you hold them.

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