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  • Persians the aristocrat cats

    In the XVII century at the court of England’s King a caravan which brought spices from India and Persia brought also a longhaired cat. This cat was called “Persian” as the country of origin (Persia – today Iran). Actually this is attested from 1684 I.H. Today’s Persian cat is the result of the labor done by breeders and is maybe the most popular cat breed in the world. They succeeded to keep a harmony between health, physical force and nice temperament. The Persian cats have charm and a... Read→

  • Russian Blue Cat

    Mysterious and extremely beautiful creatures, with a smoky -silver fur and emerald green eyes, the Blue Russian cats became known al over the world under different names: “the blue Archangels”, “blue strangers”, “Russian cats with small coat” etc. As the name suggests the country of origin is considered to be Russia although many cat lovers deny this hypothesis sustaining that these cats would be original from Mediterranean area. It is said that the breed was brought in England around... Read→

How to Train Cats to Use a Litter Box

Posted On February - 3 - 2017

A litter box is very convenient for both you and your cat because it keeps your house clean and it offers your pet the privacy they need. There are many types of litter trays, starting with basic litter boxes, covered boxes, or even self-cleaning boxes. As you can guess, the last model is the most convenient one as it does all the job for you, so you don’t have to scoop it daily to have a clean litter for your kitty. These models feature a motion sensor that detects when your car enters or leaves... Read→

American Wirehair

Posted On July - 2 - 2016

Over the years, more and more of us realized the importance of owning a pet. Either way we are talking about cats or dogs, both of the categories are likely to be taken up as your new pet. The American Wirehair does not go far, but closer to the aspects of owning a one in a million cat that always pleases the human eye and behavior. These being said, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye on the following lines – it is all worth it! ... Read→

Australian Mist

Posted On January - 28 - 2014

Nowadays, having a developed knowledge regarding the animals a child could interact with is surely a must in order to turn the unexpected into common. For example, if you plan on getting a dog so that your child can have a playing companion, you should do some research on popular dog breeds. You don’t need to know everything about all dog breeds in the world, but you should know the main characteristics of each breed, so that you can find a child friendly dog. The same goes for cats, who also... Read→

American Curl

Posted On January - 14 - 2014

Over the years, felines have developed in an alarming way, nowadays having more than 30.000 of them to talk about. In this case, keeping an eye on the one that should be found mostly not in captivity is an interest fact – being found in homes and not in the free large area, the American Curl cat is a feline mostly known by its ears characteristic. Whether you are looking forward to owning one in the near future or just wishing to discover more information regarding this magnificent feline, make... Read→

Turkish Angora Cat

Posted On December - 15 - 2013

The Turkish Angora cat is a very old breed in Turkey, it has been present on this land for more than 1400 years. Some popular stories tell us that even Mohammed had such a cat as a pet. They were known then and they are still known today for their intelligence, beauty and grace. They have kept all this characteristics over the years through careful breeding. The name of the cat comes from the Turkish city Angora which is now called Ankara. Writing about the Angora cat started to appear in the 1400s... Read→

The Bambino Cat

Posted On November - 20 - 2013

Over the years, more and more of us realized the importance of owning a pet – whether we are talking about the need of having someone to wait us home after a long day at work or just a friend to talk with, cats are some of the best species on earth to get along with. The Bambino cat is not an exception, and if you wish to find more about it make sure to stick with us and keep on reading the following lines – it is all worth it! The... Read→

Dog treats

Posted On September - 24 - 2013

Dog treats are as fun for dog owners as they are for dogs. As much as our dogs love to snap them up, we love to see our dogs so excited. Treats can be more than just fun, though. With a little know-how, treats can be important tools for dog training. Not all dog training is a matter of professional rigor. We all train our dogs with our behavior every day, and giving them treats is something that absolutely influences that. The thing to... Read→


Posted On March - 26 - 2013

Nowadays, keeping up with the new species that come across overnight is a must in order to get the outcome expected in any situation. One of them seems to be the Chausie cat, known as well for its uncommon appearance that may be a shock to some of us. Still, their behavior is one of a kind, turning them into some of the most beautiful and pleasant pets to own. In case you are looking forward to knowing more about the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye on the following lines – it... Read→

Bombay Cat

Posted On February - 26 - 2013

The Bombay breed is so-called because of its similarity with the black-panther from India, but obviously this cat is completely domesticated. In fact, the breed is the result of the interbreeding between a brown Burmese and the black American shorthair cat. Thus, the selected descendants led to the present forms which are very popular today. Medium-sized breed, the Bombay cat is characterized by a harmonious conformation, a long and supple... Read→

Siamese Cat

Posted On September - 5 - 2012

The Siamese breed comes from Thailand, Siam in old name. Belonging to the family of cats from the East, this breed is the only one with porcelain blue eyes characteristic of the breed. The certain fact is that the Siamese is a very old breed of cats and was selected for many centuries. It began to be imported into the UK since 1880, a few years later reaching on the American continent. The Siamese cat belongs to the group of breeds with... Read→

Ragamuffin Cat

Posted On February - 7 - 2012

The Ragamuffin is an impressive cat mostly because of its gorgeous fur and massive frame. The first time you set your eyes on this cat you will be amazed by its beautiful colors and it large expressive eyes. It comes in a very large palette of colors along with some white spots. The most common colors are: blue, tabby with a little white, brown, mink or tortoiseshell. The length of the coat is medium. The fur is easy to maintain because it does not mat and it is easy to brush. ... Read→

How to Care for a Deaf Cat

Posted On November - 25 - 2011

The absence of hearing at a cat can have only two causes: getting old and born deaf. Caring for a deaf cat is not so easy, it can be a challenge at times. As soon as you have gotten accustomed with the idea that your cat is deaf you will notice that you will have to start another type of communication. You will develop new ways of playing and calling your cat. In spite of this problem you will be able to have a wonderful relationship with your pet. Do not be scared that you will not handle it because... Read→

How to Care for a Cat in Cold Weather

Posted On November - 17 - 2011

We normally think that since the cat has fur it does not have a problem with cold weather. That is not true, small temperatures can be a danger for the cats health. If you leave a cat outside in the cold this could lead to hypothermia which ends up with the death of the cat. Here are some tips on how to protect your cat from cold weather. There are two ways in which a cat can get cold: the first one is staying in the cold weather with... Read→

How to Care for Elderly Cats

Posted On November - 17 - 2011

Old cats are the same as old peoples, you need to treat them with much attention and care. When your cat has gotten old its behavior changes, it wants to spend a lot of its time resting and it is not so energetic like before. You main interest should be making your cat comfortable and happy. It is not unusual to be concerned about your pets comfort when it gets old. In order to make sure that you are doing the right thing you must make sure that you have taken into consideration all aspects. ... Read→

How to Train Your Cat

Posted On November - 3 - 2011

Cats are harder to train than dogs because even thou not many cat lover will admit they are not very bright. It is hard to train a cat because they do not understand the relationship between cause and effect. You will never be able to train it to fetch or do things that dogs do, what you can do it teach it not to destroy your carpet and teach it to use the litter box. But if what you are looking for is a more responsive playmate, one who can follow commands, perform tricks and know its place around... Read→

Male Versus Female Cat Issues

Posted On October - 14 - 2011

It is a fact that the behavior of the cat is influenced by its socialization and growing up. That is not all true the gender of the cat also influences the personality of the cat. If you decide to have your cat neutered you have to know that according to the gender of the cat there are some diseases that can appear, which are specific to a gender. Specific male behavior The male will begin to show mating behavior when they reach the age... Read→

How to Correct Bad Behavior in Cats

Posted On October - 6 - 2011

When cats show bad behavior that does not mean that they need training. For cats training does not work like it does for dogs because they do not have that cause effect way of thinking. When you notice bad manners in your cat then you should be generous when your cat does good and also stick to you regulation. There is always a cause to your cats behavior so what you have to do is find the cause so you can change the effect. Some of these causes are: stress in the house, living them alone in the... Read→

Health problems of the Somali Cat

Posted On October - 6 - 2011

The Somali cat is a very popular breed but it is not a pure bred which means that it is exposed to genetic problems. The elements which characterize them are the markings on its face and the tail which look like a fox’s tail. Breeders are very careful when they breed these cats because they do not want to end up with genetic defects, they are not always successful because it is almost impossible. Here are the most common health issues... Read→

How to Help a Shy Kitten

Posted On September - 22 - 2011

Every can has its own personality, some may be bold while other can be a bit shy. However there are elements which make a cat shy, they are not born this way. This happens very often when the cat has not been held or exposed to people when it was very young. Another reason could be if they were frightened by someone thus leading to a refusal of socialization with humans or other animals. There are some things that you could do in order to make your cat more confident. ... Read→

Balinese Cat

Posted On September - 18 - 2011

To watch a Balinese cat is really a treat because they have a magnificent grace and a silky coat which wraps around its body. They are intelligent, very elegant and an impressive tail. The words that define this breed are: elegance, regal and luxury. This breed is not old as other breeds are; it made its appearance in the 50s. At the beginning the sold out as fluffy Siamese with long hair up until the breeders from the United States decided to breed them. ... Read→